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Gong Bath

Gong baths can be one of the most soothing, body detoxing, holistic, 

rejuvenating, vibrational experiences. This ancient tool is a sound massage for the body and mind. 

Come lay down relax and ride the vibrations waves.


'I'm here as a vessel of light to share all things healing and sacred'


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Children's Yoga

Calling all children for yoga with WiggleBums.


This class creates the building blocks of life through playful yoga and mindfulnessfor children. 

Giving everybody the space to re-connect and learn valuable skills, you can take with you throughout your daily life. Helps children's development; physically, emotionally and mentally. Children who take part will grow in self-awareness, stimulating a natural curiosity in their own health and well-being and stay connected to their true selves, which is playful, fearless and expandable. “With much love from my heart, I look forward to sharing this wonderful day with you all! Love & Light xx”





Vinyasa Flow

Ever been lost in dance and felt this overwhelming happiness take over you? The beauty of movement and the therapeutic effect is one scientists are still exploring, they are endless.

Jamie is a London based yoga teacher with a background in dance. We are thrilled to have her be a part of The Love and Light Festival. Her positive energy is infectious and her imagination and creativity is magic!

Her class will empower you with an invigorating seamless flow while synchronising your movement and breath, a treat for both you and your body.

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