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Hi, I am Leyla, I created The Love & Light Festival as a way of bringing everyone together. To encourage self love, connection and education in all things wellness. Bringing light to areas of our lives we may be neglecting and lovingly taking steps to move forward together as a community 🤍

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The Love & Light Festival

Presented by House of Leyla


The Love & Light Festival spotlights wellness for people and the planet from a holistic and educational background closing the gap between spirituality and science, our inner and outer worlds and most importantly the differences between us despite age, race and culture.



A festival of unity for all.



House of Leyla created the ‘Love and Light Festival’ in 2018 and it has been a major success. House of Leyla created her yoga company in Gravesend, Kent - an area that is still discovering a healthier and sustainable way of living. Noticing a major gap in the market, she created the festival, an opportunity for locals to discover and understand a different way of life to what they’ve ever experienced before. Being an already very popular member of the community, locals trust Leyla and are interested in understanding this way of life, which as we know is becoming more and more popular, and most importantly - more urgent.


The festival was a huge success, attracting over a thousand customers for two years running. Customers spent the whole day trying vegan foods, attending workshops and talks, and learning about sustainable products. Customers that came spent the whole day with us and left with a new view on life. These customers have gone on to either attending House of Leylas yoga classes or have began to eat and shop differently. Also expressing a huge interest in attending any future festivals, something that community really wants, and needs.


The festival contributors are passionate, knowledgeable and driven. Experts in sharing their knowledge through classes, talks, workshops and performances.



The Festival Will Include:


  • Education Talks with Q&A Panel Sessions

  • Yoga Class

  • Workshops

  • Conscious Stalls

  • Clothes swap shops

  • Vegan Street Food Stall


In a very short time we have made connections with contributors that are leaders in their field from mental health and addiction, mindfulness and nutrition, sound healing, reiki and crystals. Environmental specialists including Sea Shepards UK, Extinction Rebellion and Fashion Revolution.



Here are some of those that have been involved:



Raageshwari Loomba Swaroop– Meditation & Mental Health

Suki Dusanj Lenz - Fashion Revolution

Chris Hill – Freedom from Addiction

Vanessa A Sturman – Vegan Nutrition

Sea Conservation – Sea Shepard UK

Extinction Rebellion – Climate Change

In2Infinity – Science & History of Geometrics

Elliott Reid – Holistic Health



The pull from so many to join forces is testament to the vibe of the festival and all it promises to offer. Love & Light for a peaceful, wise and active future where we all take responsibility for our own health, wellness and our planet.


Empowering people to live a healthy life through innovation is key to this festival. It is also important to us to work with local UK companies to support the growth of this type of work, this side of the world.


We are offering you the opportunity to sponsor this highly popular and successful festival. We have approached you because you represent the change that this world needs. Supporting a sustainable and cruelty free ideology that could help save our beautiful planet. We believe that our customers will be interested and excited by your products as we are already.


We offer different sponsorship packages, which gives you the opportunity to promote your business to our wonderful customers. The sponsorship doesn’t end when the festival is over, we will consider all sponsors for any future events. If you chose our Platinum Package you will also be entitled to a promotion every month, via our platforms (social media, emailed newsletters).



Sponsorship packages



  • Bronze Package - Logo on website. £200


  • Silver Package - Logo on website and festival programme £280

  • Gold Package - Logo on website and festival programme and on flyers. £450

  • Platinum Package - Logo on website, festival programme, flyers and part of festival promo video. £750


  • Headline Package - Logo on website, festival programme, flyers, part of festival promo video and banner. opportunity to promote business with a talk and a monthly promotion via our website and social media pages £1200

The Love & Light Festival Official





I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities and collaborations. Let's connect.

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