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Suki Dusanj - Lenz



Been hearing little bits about sustainable fashion? Unsure what it all means? Want a better understanding of how you can shop ethically? This is the talk for you!

Suki is building a dynamic operation nationwide & inter state working closely with the global team. She is an advocate for mindful consumption, gender equality, sustainability and champions the need for a fair & transparent fashion industry. 

UK born and raised, Suki lives between Zurich - Switzerland and Mumbai - India, her work is always dedicated to purpose. 
Come connect, be Inspired and help change the world 

Chris Hill

Beat Your


Sharing tools from his best selling book Get Your Life Back: The Road to Freedom from Addiction.

Chris will be guiding you through how to have a healthy relationship with food, manage anxiety and stress, working towards feeling great every day.

There will also be a stall where you can go and ask any question to find out more about Chris’s workshops, retreats and book.

Kerry Wilde

The Power



One not to be missed! This angel Kerry Wilde is offering us a talk followed by a beautiful workshop on the Power of Adornment.

The Slow Fashion Workshop & What It Involves... 

This will be an experiential workshop to embody the principles of Sustainable Fashion and Dressing as a Spiritual Practice. 

You will be guided to: 

• Awaken to the part we play in the Clothing industry from a place of Empowerment 
• Take tools away with you that you can use on a daily basis when it comes to the Art of dressing, giving you more confidence and inspiration 
• Learn how to question some of the brands that you buy from and begin to unravel the mystery of the people behind the labels

Want to join in?

Bring with you a piece of clothing that you love, that is of some significance to you and makes you feel great.
A journal, a pen and an open heart 


Coral sirett 

Want to know how you can thrive on a vegan diet?

Then come along to Coral’s talk!

In this talk Coral will cover:


• Why vegan doesn’t always mean healthy
• How to veganise your familiar favourites
• Key nutrients to be aware of and where to get them
• Why a wholefood approach is the best 

Coral helps clients to eat a healthy vegan diet for optimal health so they can reach and maintain a healthy weight. As a vegan for over 11 years, and a vegetarian for 20 years before that, Coral can draw on a wealth of knowledge from her own experiences and that of her clients, to help you live your best life.

Stay tuned for more info!

Trash Can Dan



Dan is not a scientist neither is he a plastic specialist, he explains that he hasn’t spent years researching pollution and that everything he shares is from he’s own experience.

He posts about waste, pollution and started a charity that's dedicated to reducing it.

Dan uses he’s Instagram account as a way of sharing he’s experiences with crazy, silly, fun, over the top and sometimes marginally pointless posts to grab the attention of conscious and unconscious people to become further aware of he’s day-to-day actions in a fun and positive manner to inspire and spread the word.

Dan will be sharing he’s knowledge and ideas of how we can take steps to really make a difference in this up hill battle against plastic waste and together provide a more positive impact on our planet.


In 2 Infinity



Sacred Geometry in the New Age

The language of geometry is universal as it is reflected in all levels of nature, from atoms, cells, plants, planets, sound, to the routines and thought patterns of everyday life. Many of these geometric and mathematical relationships are encoded in ancient Mandalas and architecture that kept their form and information for thousands of years. Seen with scientific evidence of today, we discovered that much of these ancient symbols can shed new light on the nature of reality and even spiritual scripture. Based on this premise, we have developed a transformative program that uses creative learning methods to accelerate your understanding of universal laws in a unique way. This, in turn, will give you a fresh perspective of life itself and practical tools to achieve your own vision and purpose.

Explore the patterns of the Micro- and Macro Cosmos through form, shape, and music.

Yogic Philosophy embodies the use of Mandala, that are derived from an art form known today as Sacred Geometry.

Colin Power, who has spent the last 6 years studying the significance of these symbols in the context of Hindu Gods and Goddesses, provides a startling insight into the application of Sacred Geometry, that ranges from spiritual concepts, to understandings in quantum physics.

In 2 Infinity
Trash Can Dan

More Speakers to be announced soon!

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